Traffic Drums

If you have been searching for Traffic Drums, then welcome. Give Em A Brake Safety supplies high quality, low cost traffic drums.

Constructed from lightweight polyethylene plastic, these traffic drums are designed to withstand repeated impacts. Available in rugged, durable high density polyethylene (HDPE), or impact resistant, reshapable low density polyethylene (LDPE).

Easily portable, the traffic drums have a built in handle to set up and arrange within a traffic control work zone area or road construction site.

Traffic Drums at Give Em A Brake Safety

Retroreflective Sheeting

The reflective sheeting for the traffic drums comes in alternating orange and white retroreflective stripes 4 or 6 inches wide. Choose between the sheeting options listed below.

Engineer Grade Retroreflective Sheeting

Hi-tack adhesive ideally suited for plastic traffic drums. Flexible high intensity reflective. Colors: orange or white. Roll size: 4", or 6" x 50 yards

High Intensity Retroreflective Sheeting

Series 3810I sheeting is a flexible, impact resistant, reflective sheeting designed for use on traffic control devices such as drums, posts, tubes and rigid substrates like wood and metal. Sheeting possesses high impact resistance and high nighttime reflectivity over a wide range of entrance angles.

Diamond Grade Retroreflective Sheeting

Series 3910 flexible fluorescent drum sheeting is a highly reflective, flexible, prismatic lens sheeting pre-coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive. This sheeting is used on reboundable, plastic substrate work zone traffic control devices such as traffic drums.

Traffic Drum Bases

Whatever your project or budget requires Give Em A Brake Safety has the bases you need for traffic drums.

Standard Base

Economical and easy to use - simply place the base on the ground, add a sand bag and snap - lock the drum top to the base. Made of durable, impact resistant polyethylene.

Sand Filled Base

Sand Filled Bases are designed to hold approximately 50 pounds of sand. The twist lock cover keeps the sand inside the base. Two carrying handles make movement and placement an easy job. The low profile 4" high base easily clears vehicle undercarriages and can even support the weight of any vehicle.

Recycled Rubber Base

The 100% Recycled Rubber Base is the sandless way to ballast channelizer drums. The rubber base grips the road and minimizes drum movement due to wind gusts. Rubber bases come in 40 and 25 pound weights with two convenient carrying methods.

Traffic Drum Details

Although traffic drums are most commonly used to channelize or delineate traffic flow in a work zone, they may also be used alone or in groups to mark specific locations.

Color Safety Orange
Height 38 Inches
Width Minimum 18 Inches
Weight 10 lbs (HDPE), 12 lbs (LDPE)